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Background Imaging.

Is your staging space for vehicle photography limited? Are your inventory pictures missing uniformity and consistency?

Utilize your full advertising potential by maximizing the space behind each vehicle image with LESA background enhancements. We use a team of expert graphic artists to create realistically enhanced backgrounds featuring your dealership, any of our brick wall, regional landmark, or other unique backgrounds. You can even provide your own stock photo.
The addition of a custom background to your inventory photos eliminates the need for space-wasting photobooths and special vehicle staging. You can photograph your vehicles as you usually would, in any location at your dealership, and still professionally and consistently showcase your stock on your website. Additionally, you can merchandise your vehicle by using a dealership storefront background.
Yes! We can retroactively replace original backgrounds with branded dealership stores fronts, brick walls, or with most any image you choose to provide us.
You can replace the background for each vehicle for as many exterior photos as you wish (as long as they fit into the background realistically), at an added cost.
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