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New Data Shows Online Video Ads Drive Consideration, Favorability, Purchase Intent, and Sales

Online video can be much more than an awareness driver. New research shows that YouTube not only drives brand metrics throughout the consumer journey—from consideration and favorability to purchase intent—but also boosts potential for positive return on ad spend compared to TV.
new online data


A Much-Needed, Heartwarming Story from Our Friends at Mike Shaw Subaru




Social Media Infographic

This info would be better if it were in a video, but an infographic is a close second place when you want to get your point across. LESA has the capability of automatically posting vehicle videos to an app within a dealer’s facebook page, but not everyone chooses to take advantage of it. Check out the illustration below to see why that’s a bad idea:

Some major skim points:

  • 74% of adults use social media 1.3 billion of which are daily Facebook visitors.
  • 28% of all online use is social media
  • Videos posted on Facebook by luxury auto companies show twice the engagement that images or links do.
  • People watch 3 billion hours of facebook videos daily

Auto Infographic- Social - ftp


Consumer Barometer

Here at LESA, we’re always excited when Google releases new studies about video because, without fail, they always prove us right: video is important and businesses need it to connect to today’s shoppers. Their newest study, Consumer Barometer, is no exception. Here’s the rundown about the study straight from the horse’s mouth:

What role do online sources play in a person’s journey from consideration to actual purchase? What devices do people use in their everyday lives, and how do they use them? Why, where, and when do they watch online video? Google’s global interactive tool, the Consumer Barometer, has been updated with 2015 data and now covers more than 45 countries and ten product categories. Explore some of the top stories on our insights pages or create your own easy-to-export charts.

The first thing to take notice of from the study is that a business’s mobile presence is crucial to survival in the modern marketplace:

barometer graph1

[/responsive] Smartphone Use During Stages of Purchase


[/responsive] Motivation for watching video during most recent online session

From the above graphs, we can see that smart phones play an important role in the lives of customers, especially during the purchasing process. 36% report using a mobile device during the comparison stage of product buying, an important figure for the car dealer in particular. Furthermore, 8% of polled smartphone users claimed to be motivated to watch video on their devices by the desire to find info on products and services.  We can deduce from this information that if a potential buyer can easily access a dealer’s mobile site and can view video while they’re there, the likelihood of them completing a purchase at said dealership are greatly increased.



We are excited to announce the addition of the Larry H Miller Group to the LESA family. They are in the process of implementing a new program called Fast Pass which will allow customers to search for, select, and reserve cars for a test drive from the dealer website. LESA’s detailed full-motion walk-arounds will be a crucial addition to the program, allowing customers to better decide which vehicle they are interested in testing.


We couldn’t be more proud of Tom Rocha for, once again, getting the good word about video out to dealers as a speaker at Toyota’s Regional Digital Learning Lab. The Blackhawk Automotive Museum was a perfect backdrop for his informative session considering video’s emerging place in automotive history. See below for a video of the entire presentation:

LESA Announces the Addition of New York Auto Group Paragon as Client

LiveEventStream Automotive (“LESA” or the “Company”), the number-one provider of high definition full-motion automotive inventory video, today announced that it has signed the Paragon Auto Group and its three dealerships into the Company’s rapidly-expanding list of clients. Paragon, established in 1929, is New York’s premier Honda and Acura dealership and the winner of multiple industry awards.  It is also the largest dealer of certified used Hondas and Acuras in the world.

We are extremely pleased that Paragon, one of the most recognized dealer groups in the New York metropolitan area, has chosen to implement LESA full-motion video. In doing so, they are joining groups such as Lithia, Hendrick, Gunn, and Keyes in recognizing the importance of showcasing their vehicles in an interactive manner that fuels customer demand,” said Philip Ly, CEO and Co-founder of LESA. “Interest in our revolutionary software and services continues to expand, and we remain the leader in this evolving space across North America. For the first time, LESA will be an exhibitor at NADA San Francisco, and we look forward to demonstrating our technology with dealers looking to improve the way they market to today’s savvy consumers.”  

LESA’s Video Inventory Program is the premier full-motion video provider for the automobile dealer industry. The Company’s high definition videos come complete with real human voiceover, search engine optimization, and custom voiceover options. With full inventory integration, a simple hardware platform, and a batch video distribution process, dealers can quickly and easily present their full-motion inventory not only on their main site but on major third-party sites as well. LESA is also the first automotive video provider to work with most dealer mobile sites – a feature of increasing importance in the age of the smartphone.

In addition to video inventory, Paragon will be employing two other cutting-edge applications: the testimonial app and Vid2Pic. The testimonial app allows dealers to conveniently shoot, brand, optimize, and distribute customer testimonial videos from any iOS device. It also features a “thank you” function, which a sales team can use to send personalized videos thanking customers for their business.

Vid2Pic, a proprietary photo extraction program developed by LESA, can take high quality vehicle photos from existing inventory video so that dealerships can create both videos and photos in one step. A two minute video can generate anywhere from 60 to 240 pictures, thereby reducing the time spent taking photos, accelerating a vehicle’s internet debut and eventual sale, and shortening a videographer’s time spent outside during extreme weather.


Here’s a compelling infographic from the people at via an article about the search for increased growth online by used car dealerships ( Adweek). It’s obvious, now is the time to get involved with automotive video.


LESA is proud of our COO and Cofounder Tom Rocha for a job well done and a presentation well delivered at the 16th Digital Dealer in Atlantic City, NJ. See below for the full powerpoint and audio.


Gosch Auto Video Testimonials

As I’ve said before, one of the great things about our line of full-motion video products is the creativity it affords you. Sure there are best practice guidelines worth following (a 2 minute inventory video is the sweet spot in terms of length), but apart from that, a dealership has free rein to make their videos their own. Case in point: the Gosch Auto Group. They found a unique setting for their testimonial videos that’s not only eye-catching, but practical in terms of sound and customer comfort:

Shooting from the inside of the car is genius because the customer is immediately put at ease. They are seated, have a place to put their hands (the steering wheel, most likely), and they’re i n their own territory. From a sound and visual perspective, it couldn’t be better. The cabin of a car is sound-proof enough that road and wind noise won’t interfere, and there are 360 degrees of windows to provide adequate lighting (if the video is taken during the day). Which brings me to the only drawback to this model of video capture: if the video is being taken at night, you’ve got a serious lighting problem on your hands. Either the video is going to be dark, or the scary dome light will have to be utilized with nightmarish face-shadow results.





My Car Lady: The Power of Video

Sarah lee Marks (of, an over 20 year veteran of the automotive industry and go-to source for internet car-buying, is a big fan of video. Just look at her website! Even a quick scroll-through of her page  is evidence of her belief in its power. From testimonials and self-produced reviews, to a score of LESA inventory videos, Marks understands the importance of bringing the dealership to the customer at 24 frames per second. Check out some examples from her site:






You Can’t Sell Cars Without Video!

Sure it’s Friday the 13th, but all you friggatriskaidekaphobics relax; there’s good news from the world of video!  According to Automotive News, it’s pretty much impossible to sell a car these days without it:

Search engine giant Google, which owns, says more than half of all car shoppers watch at least a half-hour of video during the buying process. One in four watches an hour or more, Google says.

Likewise, recent data from show that shoppers are 20 percent more likely to click on a specific vehicle listing if it has video.

According to a dealer, Wright, this jump in video viewership translates into a jump in sales:

With the help of videos, his Nissan and Subaru franchises combined are selling about 117 new and used vehicles per month today, compared with about 90 a year ago, he says. The Nissan franchise just had a record November.




Don’t get left behind! Join the video revolution!



Wild West Chevrolet Testimonials

One of the things I love about our product is that it leaves room for creativity. We give you the tools, you decide how to use them, which is an idea our friends at Wild West Chevrolet have taken and run with. When shooting their testimonials, they have their customers hold up a number on a piece of paper which tells us how far they have traveled to buy from them. This is good for three reasons: firstly, the video thumbnail (the still image the video player displays before the video begins), is different eye-catching. It makes you want to click on it to see what’s up. Second, some of these people, like the one below, have actually traveled a really long distance just to buy from this dealership. This is impressive to potential customers and is sure to increase conversion rates. Lastly, this is a huge favor for the person giving the testimonial. Not only does it give them something to do with their hands, it also takes away the guesswork about what to say by giving them something to talk about.  Take a look:




Video is Here to Stay

Today I read an excellent question posed by Joshua Pullen at ADM regarding dealerships and their reluctance to convert their inventory to video: “Would you buy clothes from a person in rags?” To put it plainly, would you trust someone who claims to be an expert in their field if they used outdated methods to sell to you? When a dealership drags its feet over the threshold of the modern era, i.e. doesn’t promote its inventory with full-motion video, it appears to be under-dressed and out of touch with the needs of its customers. As I recently said, nearly 200 million people in a country of 300 million are not just regularly, but habitually use this technology in every aspect of their lives. This is not a passing fad; this isn’t isolated to viral videos of cute puppies. This is the way the world works now and the dealership who doesn’t embrace the digital culture we live in is the dealership with closed doors.


Some interesting infographics (the second one by Lab42) and an example video

ComScore Online Video Numbers


Need another reason to get behind full-motion automotive video? ComScore, a forerunner in internet analytics, just released numbers today which showed that 189 million Americans watched 49.1 billion online content videos in October and viewed 24.5 billion ads.  Here’s a chart of the numbers for you visual learners:

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties Ranked by Unique Video Viewers 
 October 2013 
 Total U.S. -- Home and Work Locations 
 Content Videos Only (Ad Videos Not Included) 
 Source: comScore Video Metrix 
                                      Total Unique 
                                         Viewers       Videos       Minutes 
Property                                  (000)         (000)*     per Viewer 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
Total Internet : Total Audience             188,976   49,080,851       1,330.1 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
Google Sites                                164,819   16,595,857         506.5 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
Facebook                                     70,055    1,365,771          33.5 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
AOL, Inc.                                    62,273    1,276,425          79.5 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
NDN                                          50,555      603,047          86.9 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
VEVO                                         49,608      650,227          42.5 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
Amazon Sites                                 44,287      191,849          25.6 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
Yahoo Sites                                  42,334      357,063          69.5 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
Microsoft Sites                              38,895      697,377          49.6 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
Vimeo                                        32,851      131,600          31.1 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------ 
Maker Studios Inc.                           30,475      517,104          62.7 
------------------------------------  -------------  -----------  ------------

So why isn’t your dealership inventory converted to video yet?


Metro Nissan Montclair Testimonials


Metro Nissan Montclair, as their tagline reminds us, is doing it right again! Their testimonial videos are great in more ways than one: First of all, they have multiple videos in Spanish. This might not seem like a big deal, but when over 35 million people countrywide primarily speak the language, you’re missing out on a huge demographic if they can’t understand your videos (especially in California, where this dealership is located). The second great thing about Metro Nissan Montclair is that they are consistent. They regularly add videos each month and keep their content pool growing. This is important to a researching customer as multiple positive and recent reviews signal to them that a dealership is worth visiting.  Finally, as you can tell from the below example, their videos are worth watching because they are well-shot. No background noise, the subject is in frame, the lighting is such that the subject is clear, yet not blinded and forced to squint. Take a look!


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