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LESA is the only video company, full-motion or otherwise, currently integrated with Gary Stock Company, the website provider exclusively used by Porsche dealers.

LESA is now integrated with DealerSocket’s widely popular CRM. Full-motion videos can now easily be added to purchase inquiry follow-up emails and texts.                    

LESA video can now automatically be sent to the Autotrader of the cycle world. Say goodbye to manual uploads!                                                              

LESA is the only video company fully integrated with Cobalt mobile and desktop sites. Our full-motion video button is responsive, allowing it to function across platforms on Cobalt pages. 

LESA is now very closely integrated with Our integration time with this award-winning website provider has been cut down from two weeks to nearly instantly once dealer approval is obtained.


Replace automated voice over at any time with your own custom recording

See your ROI using our lead capture form on our full-motion video player

LESA monitors video availability at all points of syndication. We also provide you with monthly stat reports to show you how your videos are doing

LESA hasthe ability to send vehicle stats to your dealership Google analytics page

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