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Frequently Asked Questions

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If there are any questions you have that are not answered here please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.


As pioneers of the industry we know what it takes to make video an integral part of a successful business. Established in 2008, LESA originally specialized in wedding webcasts. As the leading wedding provider with five years of video streaming experience, we pivoted to the automotive industry in 2012 and are leaders today in the full-motion automotive video industry. Our video products use cutting edge technology and are backed up by a responsive and helpful technical support team.

Why do I need Full Motion Video?

Today’s car shopper visits 1.5 dealerships before purchasing a vehicle. Shopping and research is done almost exclusively online.  Your digital showroom must now be just as enticing as your physical one.

Full Motion Video:

  • Combined with photos and vehicle details, 100% of a car’s story is told and dealerships increase transparency. This ultimately increases customer confidence and trust (resulting in a dealership visit).
  • With YouTube getting 1 billion views per day, now is the perfect time to showcase your inventory with video.
  • Search engines, especially Google, return video results before text-based results. By adding video to your website, you are dramatically enhancing your search-ranking and increasing your chances of showing up on the first page of Google.
  • Video provides a shopping experience that motivates far-flung customers to go the distance to purchase your cars. 

Can’t I just do this without LESA?

Sure!  But, plan on spending hours uploading your videos one by one manually to all of your various destinations (, AutoTrader, YouTube, Craigslist, etc..). Writing SEO related titles and tags to each individual video uploaded. Finding someone at the dealership to add voice-overs on each vehicle while highlighting the options and describing the vehicle in detail on a daily and even a weekly basis just to try and keep up with new inventory!

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? By using either our DIY video inventory app (for iOS and approved Android devices) or enlisting the services of one of our nation-wide lot-service partners, LESA lets you upload a multitude of videos to various destinations within minutes. Our products were designed to be easily used, keeping in mind the busy and demanding environment of the automotive industry.

What kind of analytics do you provide?

We understand the importance of measuring the results of video. That’s why we provide a 24-7, interactive video views stats portal. You and whoever you choose to receive it will also be emailed a pdf version of your stats on a monthly basis.  In it, you can view
  • Total video views
  • Completion ratio (how long viewers watched your video or videos)
  • Devices used by viewers
  • Viewer location
  • And more
YouTube provides its own analytics report for all of your videos hosted on YouTube. We will integrate these stats with our portal, making all analytics available to you in one place. For Google Analytics users, we can integrate stats directly into your GA dashboard.

What is vid2pic?
  • Automatically generate 40, 60, 80, or more still images from the videos.
  • Eliminate the need, time, and expense required to shoot photos of your cars.
  • Easy to use Photo Gallery: Allows you to select only the best pictures to keep and show on your Vehicle Details Page and other sites.

Do you guarantee SEO or VSEO results?

Everything we do is based on the organic SEO benefits of video and how relevant it is to Search Engines.  The results you will realize are based on your commitment to providing engaging content for your customers along with other White Hat processes we engage.

Does my website have the space/bandwidth to support my entire inventory?

All of our videos are encoded in mp4. This means that they are of very high quality and very low bandwidth. We host the videos through a content delivery network (CDN) which allows the videos to play quickly and without lag.

What equipment do I have to buy?

Equipment needs will be based on which products from LESA you decide to purchase.

  • Inventory Video – If you have a lot service provider currently taking your photos, no equipment is needed. We will work with and train the lot service provider to take video and get them uploaded through our software (provided in this package). If you do the photos in house, we will train your team member on how to take the videos and how to upload through our software included in the package. You can use a smartphone (iOS and approved Android devices) or a regular camera to take video, and we will recommend an option for you based on your needs.
  • Dealer Video Suite – This product is versatile and can be used in several different capacities. Your sales team, for instance, can use their own smart device (iOS and approved Android devices) to send walk-around videos, while a dedicated iPad would be better for testimonial video creation.

What kind of support is available?

Our support team is on call or available by email to assist you with whatever technical difficulties you might encounter. A LESA agent monitors videos on a weekly basis to ensure consistent and error free video playback.



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