New Google Study Emphasizes the Importance of Video


Consumer Barometer

Here at LESA, we’re always excited when Google releases new studies about video because, without fail, they always prove us right: video is important and businesses need it to connect to today’s shoppers. Their newest study, Consumer Barometer, is no exception. Here’s the rundown about the study straight from the horse’s mouth:

What role do online sources play in a person’s journey from consideration to actual purchase? What devices do people use in their everyday lives, and how do they use them? Why, where, and when do they watch online video? Google’s global interactive tool, the Consumer Barometer, has been updated with 2015 data and now covers more than 45 countries and ten product categories. Explore some of the top stories on our insights pages or create your own easy-to-export charts.

The first thing to take notice of from the study is that a business’s mobile presence is crucial to survival in the modern marketplace:

barometer graph1

[/responsive] Smartphone Use During Stages of Purchase


[/responsive] Motivation for watching video during most recent online session

From the above graphs, we can see that smart phones play an important role in the lives of customers, especially during the purchasing process. 36% report using a mobile device during the comparison stage of product buying, an important figure for the car dealer in particular. Furthermore, 8% of polled smartphone users claimed to be motivated to watch video on their devices by the desire to find info on products and services.  We can deduce from this information that if a potential buyer can easily access a dealer’s mobile site and can view video while they’re there, the likelihood of them completing a purchase at said dealership are greatly increased.