Testimonial Spotlight


Gosch Auto Video Testimonials

As I’ve said before, one of the great things about our line of full-motion video products is the creativity it affords you. Sure there are best practice guidelines worth following (a 2 minute inventory video is the sweet spot in terms of length), but apart from that, a dealership has free rein to make their videos their own. Case in point: the Gosch Auto Group. They found a unique setting for their testimonial videos that’s not only eye-catching, but practical in terms of sound and customer comfort:

Shooting from the inside of the car is genius because the customer is immediately put at ease. They are seated, have a place to put their hands (the steering wheel, most likely), and they’re i n their own territory. From a sound and visual perspective, it couldn’t be better. The cabin of a car is sound-proof enough that road and wind noise won’t interfere, and there are 360 degrees of windows to provide adequate lighting (if the video is taken during the day). Which brings me to the only drawback to this model of video capture: if the video is being taken at night, you’ve got a serious lighting problem on your hands. Either the video is going to be dark, or the scary dome light will have to be utilized with nightmarish face-shadow results.