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The Dawn of a New Video-Centric SEO Approach

Is traditional SEO dead? The answer is Yes, and No. SEO has evolved due to ever changing algorithms from Google. Gone are the days of keyword spamming and all out link building. Traditional SEO can still work but it takes patience. It may mean months of investments in time and tinkering to hopefully see some organic results that usually sit below paid Google AdWords, video results, and other information competing for the user’s attention. It is due not only to Google algorithm updates, but also the other major change that has occurred in recent years, the revamp of Google’s search results page.

Revamped Google search results page

It used to be that on a Google search results page you could only see organic textual rankings with the only competition being the occasional Google AdWords ad that appeared at the top. Nowadays the Google first page has a lot more going on depending on your search query. Besides the traditional textual search results, you see Google Ads, video results, images, shopping results, Google My Business Pages, Related Questions and more.

Why today’s SEO is still important

According to a study by Bright Edge, organic traffic is responsible for more than 51% of all traffic to websites, more than any other sources such as paid (14%) and social (5) traffic.

• People use “Google” when they are looking to buy products or services. For most people Google is the starting point to look for information, products, or services when they need them.
• Organic results are highly targeted in terms of user intent. For example, a users searching for an “auto repair shop in Hartford” are likely looking to get their car fixed. Google’s search results play a big role in discovering a store or service to meet that need. The same is true for product-related searches such as “used 2019 Honda Accord” in which case users are looking to buy an exact product.
• The long-term benefits of SEO makes it more cost effective. Once you’re ranked on the first page, you can enjoy being on the first page for a long time assuming you don’t make major changes.
• Increased sales – Being ranked high on the first page brings more customers to your site. The rest is up to you.
• Organic local results are critical. 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.
• Ranking matters – being ranked #1 gets around 21% of clicks, with #2 and #3 with about 10% and 7.5% respectively. So, ranking high is critical in growing your organic traffic.

As you can see SEO is still very important. However, with the revamped Google search results page, you have to adjust your SEO strategy and target your SEO efforts based on how Google prioritizes the first page results.

Utilizing a three-pronged SEO strategy: video SEO, video sitemapping, and Google My Business posts

We are going to look into how this three-pronged SEO strategy can be used by an automotive dealer to help drive traffic to their website.

Video SEO Results

Videos in Google search results appear for certain keywords when Google decides video to be useful for that particular search term. As illustrated below, this is the case when a consumer is searching for a vehicle they are in looking to get more information on or to buy.

In the example above, you can see how video results are shown above textual search results on the first page. As mentioned previously being ranked on top of the search results page pays big dividends in terms of organic traffic.
Google recently changed how they show video results. Instead of a carousel, you now have a list type result showing only a handful of video results. When clicking on the “View all” link the user is taken to the “Videos” tab where more video results are shown. This is important because now the video tab will get more traffic due to this recent change.

If you look more closely at these video results, you may notice that all the video results are showing YouTube videos. That is no accident. Google does own YouTube after all and makes a ton of money selling ads on YouTube.

How to optimize your YouTube videos for high Google rankings

Here are some things you should do to create an optimized YouTube video:
1. Words spoken in the video – Google can extract some limited meaning from the audio and video of the file. It is therefore important to have descriptive voice over to describe the vehicle. When you have auto generated closed captioning that’s easy to read you can confirm that there is a clear and descriptive voice over.
2. Optimize your Metadata: Title and description
a. Include your primary keyword in your title and description. In this case the year, make, and model of the vehicle.
b. Also, we find that adding a detailed description in the video helps with the ranking especially for long tail searches such as “Honda Accord heated seats”
3. Create an enticing thumbnail – Don’t use the auto generated thumbnail by YouTube that usually only shows the interior shot of the car. Instead grab an exterior shot of the vehicle to use as the thumbnail. It is much more engaging.

Video Sitemapping

To provide the appearance of fairness, Google officially encourages websites to use schema for video to help Googlebot index your videos on your website.

In order to expose a video in search results, Google must understand something about the video. Google can extract information about a video in the following ways:
• Google can crawl the video and extract a thumbnail and preview.
• Google can extract information from the page hosting the video, including the page text and meta tags
• Google can use structured data such as a video sitemap associated with the video.
Google provides its own detailed guide on how to setup a video sitemap for your site.
Once a sitemap is setup properly, Googlebot will be able to crawl and index the videos on your site and the results can be amazing! Here’s an example of a first page video search result that links directly to a dealer’s website and not to YouTube.

However, Google is still not quite playing fair. These direct to website video results only appear on the video tab and not on the All tab on Google. Google is still favoring showing YouTube video results in the All tab results page.

Google My Business Posts to capture local search traffic

Now that you’re able to optimize your YouTube videos and the videos on your website for first page results, the third component in this approach is to capture local search through the business’ Google My Business (GMB) page. If you’re a business Google will automatically show on the right-side information about the business establishment such as hours of operations, address, and contact info. If you’re the owner of the business you can claim the GMB listing shown for your company.

The GMB page captures a great deal of local traffic. People searching for a business name are looking to contact the store in one form or another. Like a physical store, the GMB page is the virtual store front for your business. Google allows you to post information about your product on your GMB.
In our example, an automotive dealer can post a few vehicles to showcase on their GMB page similar to parking a few cars in front of the store front to attract foot traffic.
Using the GMB dashboard the business owner can easily make these posts. GMB allows you to upload videos as well as photos when creating these posts.

These GMB posts get hundreds of views within days of being posted, proving that you have to leverage the your GMB page as much as possible to help draw traffic to your website.

To Sum It Up

So here you have it. SEO is not dead, but the old SEO techniques are! Today’s Google Search results page is extremely dynamic and provides a lot of information to the user. It’s important to remember that:
• Video gets priority real estate over textual results for search terms that warrant video results. In our example, Google deems video results to be important when searching for cars.
• A business’s Google My Business page is shown prominently when users search for a particular business.
• Google is smarter and more sophisticated now. It has gotten better at distinguishing between high-quality content from poorly optimized content.
You will need to use new optimization methods in order to take advantage of the ongoing changes Google makes to their algorithm, as well as ,to the changes Google makes to the visual aspect of the search results page (SERP).
Using the techniques described in this article will allow you to take advantage on how Google works today and make it work in your favor. Here are additional benefits of using this three-pronged approach:
• It delivers faster, more immediate results compared with traditional textual SEO. Video results shows up within days in Google search results compared to months for traditional SEO.
• Delivers long-term results. The competition for video results is far less intense compared to textual results. Besides getting ranked fairly quickly, once you rank high you can reap the rewards for a long time.
• It can save you money by spending less on pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords.

Start today and invest in video SEO and Google My Business for local traffic to get long-term, reliable traffic that will lead to more sales and loyal customers!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Providing Certainty in Unstable Times

Now that dealerships have overcome the initial shock of COVID-19, they should start thinking about the future. When restrictions are eventually lifted, consumers will still be reluctant to visit a dealership in person. Merchandising vehicles online will be the only way to allow many people to shop. Photos are good, but just not enough when online shoppers need a reliable simulation of the vehicle while making choices from home. The best solution to this problem is offering full-motion walk-around videos of each car on the lot. LESA’s Dealer Video Inventory app allows dealers to do just that by syndicating vehicle videos to their website, Autotrader, Cars.com, KBB, and YouTube. Our YouTube videos optimized to position them in shopper searches and drive traffic to dealer sites.

New Google rankings are a 2020 SEO Game-Changer

Google changed the way they sorted relevant content starting in 2019. What does that mean for your dealership and and how should you be changing your website for 2020 SEO standards?

The Change: You are what you E-A-T.
Google will be prioritizing content fitting the following guidelines. Make sure your online content reflects your dealership’s:
E-Expertise: create blog posts and videos demonstrating your automotive knowledge (think basic maintenance how-to’s, vehicle feature explainers, etc.)
A-Authoritativeness: share customer testimonials and blog posts written by those with industry credentials.
T- Trustworthiness: make sure your site security is state of the art and offer a user-friendly visiting experience. Offer your visitors a cut-free, full motion video of each vehicle in inventory.

For more in-depth information on this change and how to integrate video to boost your dealership’s trustworthiness rating and SEO, visit our products page or contact us to schedule a demo!



LESA March 2018 Newsletter

LiveEventStream Automotive Joins CDK Global Partner Program

LESA has become a participant in the CDK Global Partner Program. As a member of the largest third-party partner program in the industry, LESA is now part of a marketplace of applications and integration choices developed to help automotive dealers succeed.

Philip Ly, CEO and Co-founder of LESA said “We are excited to be part of the CDK Global Partner Program. Dealers can now easily order and add full motion video for every single car in their inventory. LESA’s full motion video is then flawlessly integrated into CDK’s new website platform. It’s now easier than ever to upgrade from stitched video to real full motion video using the LESA video platform.”

To initiate an order with LESA through the CDK Dealer Command Center, click the LESA icon in the CDK App Store and click order.

Someone from LESA or an affiliated sales team-member will then contact you about getting started with the program. Once we complete the integration and you begin uploading, your video inventory will be prominently displayed on your site :
The large size of the video player and its prominent position at the top of the vehicle details page garners 10 times the number of views over other videos and tremendously increases engagement.

Straight from NADA, LESA Stats Now Integrated with VistaDash

Vistadash, the premier marketing intelligence tool for the automotive industry, is pleased to announce a new integration with Live Event Stream Automotive (LESA) just ahead of the 2018 National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Convention in Las Vegas.

Through this partnership, Vistadash will now report on important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as, Video Views, Video Completion, Views Details, Top 5 by Vehicles, Models, Makes, and Years, Views by State and City, Watch Times by Day, and Top Videos overall. Reporting on these metrics will enable automotive dealers to measure the effectiveness of their video marketing campaigns.

LESA Does Background Enhancements!

Is your staging space for vehicle photography limited? Are your inventory pictures missing uniformity and consistency? LESA’s background imaging service allows you to utilize your full advertising potential by maximizing the space behind each vehicle. We use a team of expert graphic artists to create realistically enhanced backgrounds featuring your dealership, any of our brick wall, regional landmark, or other unique backgrounds. You can even provide your own stock photo.

Contact Tracy at tracy@lesautomotive.com to set up a meeting!.

Why Should You Consider Using LESA?

LESA has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our main company mission is to provide unmatched service and quality and we are committed to upholding the the standards that got us this rating. We make it a priority to respond to tickets with 24 hours, we listen to customer and partner needs, and change to accommodate them whenever possible.

Our dedicated quality control team checks websites and all other points of syndication to ensure button visibility, functionality, and that video quality meets rigorous LESA standards.We also provide a number of tools to make it easy to track videos in various capacities, including a 24-7 reporting portal. And, because we know your schedules can be hectic, we send summary reports of viewership stats monthly.

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LESA November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

LESA Sponsors F4 U.S. Championship Car

Driving his red, white and blue No. 27 LESA Automotive car in front of a record crowd of nearly 400,000 fans, Austin Kaszuba of Burleson, Texas, earned fast-lap time in the F4 U.S. Championship Powered by Honda season finale on the same track as Formula 1 all-stars Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel during the Circuit of the Americas F1 United States Grand Prix weekend Oct. 20-22.

“Racing in front of such a massive crowd all weekend was an incredible experience. I could hear them at times cheering over the motor,” said Kaszuba. “This experience wouldn’t have been possible without LESA Automotive and the support of my team.”

Kaszuba’s F4 U.S. season ended placing 15th overall nationally (out of 48 competitors) with one podium visit, earning one pole start and two fast laps.

“Results aside, we had an amazing weekend and gained closure for the season. The opportunity to race on the same weekend as the F1 drivers I idolized as a young karter, is an experience I will never forget.”

Peter Quinones: Internet and E-commerce Manager at Warren Henry Automotive Group

Check out this video of Peter Quinones sharing his successes with LESA inventory video, its impact on customer engagement and leads, and how video has impacted the dealership. He also shares some unique ways to leverage video using Instagram and Autotrader.

Industry Stats: Facebook and YouTube Weigh-In on Automotive Video

We sat in on a presentation by head of Facebook Automotive and an executive from Youtube at Digital Dealer 23 and our claims were confirmed: video is influential! 46% percent of shoppers who watch video are still visiting a dealership afterward. Here are some of the slides used in the presentation with other useful stats about video and the automotive industry.

New Feature Alert!

Introducing ConstaFrame, the newest feature in the Dealer Video Inventory app. This tool is designed to help you create stable, near-perfect exterior walk-arounds each time you create a vehicle video, bringing consistency and balance to your library of inventory videos. It has three main features that make shooting a clean, stabilized walk-around easier than ever:
1. It’s stabilization alert will tell you if the camera is tilted too far to the left or right.
2. The framing brackets assist you in keeping the vehicle centered in the frame at all times.
3. The degree meter will show you when you have made a full circle around the vehicle, making the guide-brackets disappear for interior shots.

Check out the video to see a full demonstration!

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LESA March 2017 Newsletter

Inventory video is vital to the modern dealership! Your customers are shopping online, so the quality of your digital showroom will determine whether car-buyers visit you in person or not. If you don’t have inventory video yet, join the LESA Facebook live webinar at 12 Noon CST on April 24th .

Learn More and Register Here!

Seeing Double

This first to market feature exclusively from LESA will allow Dealer Video Suite users to create a selfie video inset with a walk-around or promotional video!

Adding your face to customer outreach videos can familiarize shoppers with you and your dealership at the same time. The added personalization of your tailored message establishes trust before they even set foot in your showroom.

In the past, car shoppers visited an average of 5 dealerships before making a purchase. They’re still doing this, but the process of narrowing down which dealership to visit in person has moved online! It is now the responsibility of today’s salesperson to bring the showroom to the shopper, and personalized vehicle walk-arounds and promos are essential tools for doing just that.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Vehicle Walk Around at

Check out this sample walk-around video with added picture-in-picture inset!

It’s time to update your DVS app! Added to the mix of testimonial, thank you, and walk-around video types, you can now create a promotional video, complete with title screen. These videos can be directly shared to Facebook and Twitter and allow you to get the word out about dealership sales, service center promotions, community outreach events, or whatever you can imagine. The possibilities are limitless! Have a look below at an example of a dealership showroom tour.

An example of one of the many types of promotions possible with this new feature. To do a showroom tour, you can shoot one from the app or add an existing, professionally-produced tour from your device gallery.

Cars.com App Update

Cars.com, after much prodding from users, has finally made videos available on their app. This means that your LESA inventory videos are now playable in one of the most popular car-shopping interfaces around! Using apps such as this is most likely the preferred method of shopping for most consumers as it is easier than interacting with a web-browser and optimized for mobile ease-of-use. It’s huge for LESA videos to be available in such a prime location and adds value to the already essential video services LESA provides.

Screenshot of actual vehicle listing from Cars.com app. Download the app and you can watch LESA videos by clicking the “Video: link in the bottom left of the thumbnail.

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LESA November 2016 Newsletter

Traditional TV viewing is on the decline. According to a recent Nielsen report, TV viewing decreased for almost every age group, most drastically among Millenials (25% over 5 years). A demand for convenience-viewing via streaming services like Netflix and video hosting sites like YouTube has moved video viewing online, making ad dollars spent on traditional television and radio commercials increasingly more less effective. LESA and Fox Dealer Interactive introduce REVS, a first-to-market video retargeting ad platform for your entire vehicle inventory. In conjunction with LESA’s full-motion inventory videos, the REVS retargeting system serves VIN specific video ads to your customers as they move about the internet after interacting with your website. This keeps your inventory fresh in their minds as they make purchasing decisions. Check out this informative video to learn more about what this winning partnership can do for you.

Improved Mobile Results

Google video search results are now displayed horizontally on mobile device browsers. Users can scroll through them, as demonstrated here, to see multiple videos in a dealer’s channel that also fit the search criteria. This is a huge improvement over the previous vertical display method, which often limited the number of videos that could be displayed on the front page to two or three (horizontal display allows for 10 organic search results only).

So what does this mean for a dealership using LESA videos? Firstly, the horizontal orientation allows for more results to be displayed from one channel. Vertical video search results took up too much real estate on the first page, so it was common for only 1 to 2 to displayed. Now users can scroll through 5-10 videos at a time. And since vehicle videos will now organically occupy these coveted top page spots, dealers will no longer have to spend as much money paying Google Adwords with the LESA video inventory program.

Dealer Video Suite Update
see what’s new in version 2.0.2
  • Upload directly to Facebook: rather than posting a link to a video hosted by YouTube, videos will now be directly uploaded to Facebook from the app. This will allow videos to silently auto-play for viewers scrolling through their news-feed, improving video exposure and click-through rates.
  • Google Analytics tracking: The Dealer Video Suite is a must-have video toolbox for any dealer wishing to promote their dealership, but getting a sales-team motivated to use it can be challenging. By providing your Google Analytics ID, dealership management can now track video creation and sales team engagement to assure maximum app efficacy and return on investment.
After your ID is entered into our database, you can access these stats by logging into your Google Analytics account, finding the Dealer Video Suite link, and clicking Behavior>Events>Overview.

Thumbnails Added to Facebook Videos

We’ve improved our Facebook interface to include vehicle video thumbnails. Want your vehicle videos connected to your Facebook page? Send us a message at support@liveeventstream.com and we’ll add your video inventory to your Facebook page today!

Submit Here
Get Demo Login and Download Dealer Video Suite

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LESA May 2016 Newsletter

Money -saving offers inside!

View this email in your browser

Down from an average of 5 dealers visited pre-purchase just a few years ago, it’s clear that the majority of vehicle research taking place online. This makes it more important than ever to make an impression on shoppers BEFORE they reach your lot. Photos just aren’t enough anymore, which is why real, full-motion video is the best way to deliver as much information about a vehicle to a potential shopper as possible. Introducing: the Video Inventory Lite App! The fastest way to stand out to shoppers online. This DIY inventory video product allows dealers to:

  • Quickly shoot full-motion video of each car in your inventory.
  • Easily customize each video with optional personalized voice over and additional clips.
  • Add automated intros and outros, background music, and watermarks to vehicle videos.
  • Distribute videos automatically to a dealer website and YouTube
  • Enjoy the benefits of LESA’s dedicated support team and access to real-time video stats.

All from the convenience of a single app which can be upgraded at any time to include premium features such as video publishing to Cars.com, Autotrader, and other third party sites, and automated human voice over.

Contact us today to see how Video Inventory Lite can help you get video on your website quickly, easily, and without breaking your budget:

LESA Video Inventory Promo

Watch the above video to see the Video Inventory Lite in action! Hold on until the end to see how to sign up.

If you haven’t been automatically updated already, visit the app store and perform a manual update of the Dealer Video Suite to get your hands on these new features:
Customer Email and Text Message Customization:
You can now customize the outgoing email and text message templates for each video type in the app settings. The changes will be applied automatically to all outgoing messages and can include such things as sales event promotions, dealership info, or just your own personal spin on the default text. Watch the video below to see how to achieve this and what a finished email would look like.

CRM Lead Tracking:
Walk-around videos are undeniably a powerful weapon in your sales arsenal, but how can you track the results? Now, with the ability to send detailed customer info directly to the CRM of your choice each time you send out a walk around video, you can see definitively how LESA videos are working for you. Just enter your CRM email address in the app settings and an event or ticket will be created automatically within that CRM each time you share a walk-around video. Future correspondences resulting from this ticket will also be tracked, allowing you to follow a walk-around video lead from beginning to end.

Dealer Video Suite Update

Check out this short video on how to access and use the new Dealer Video Suite features outlined above.

Don’t have the Dealer Video Suite yet? Call or email us now to get started!

Screenshot of a default thumbnail from a LESA customer’s Cobalt Vehicle Details Page

LESA and Cobalt/CDK (one of the leading website providers for car dealers) have a close and rewarding relationship. As a result of this collaboration we are now able to make LESA video the first thing a shopper sees when they enter the vehicle details page. The result, of course, was an explosion of video plays: one dealer experiencing a jump from 817 total views to 7126 views in the span of one month! They also received an additional 11 leads just from customers filling out the request more info form after the video. More proof that consumers are looking for video to help them learn more about vehicles while they perform shopping research.

Overall, our time at NADA was a success! We thoroughly enjoyed sharing booth space with our friends from Xcite Advertising and look forward to teaming up again soon. Also, several of our team members were happy to finally meet each other in person after working together remotely for years!
Tom Rocha and Phil Ly in front of the LESA booth

Summer Davis, our newest hire and NADA newcomer

LESA team preparing in the booth

Phil Ly giving his 700th demo of the day

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