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Everything You Need To Know About LESA Video Suite

Online video consumption is one of the most popular internet activities worldwide. There is no doubt that video consumption has increased and will continue to increase over time. In 2019, the number of digital video viewers worldwide amounted to over 2.6 billion viewers and is projected to reach over 3.1 billion by 2023.

This is important for car dealerships to explore new advertising avenues, gain new customers and make more money. Let’s take a look at how your car dealership can benefit from the LESA Video Suite.

Why Video?

The pandemic has caused the automotive industry to change forever. Consumers are visiting the dealership less and researching online more. In fact, more than 80% of potential car buyers begin their search for new vehicles online before they ever set foot in a dealership.

According to hubspot, not only do consumers pay attention to video content the most, they want to see more video content in the future, more than any other medium. In an increasingly high-tech world where moving video is worth a thousand still pictures, it’s clear that consumers rely on online video for news, entertainment, products and services.

To better serve existing customers and catch the eyes of new ones, it’s important to keep up with the shifting ways in which they receive and spread information. This is especially important while car shopping as it requires such a large investment from the consumer. Consumers want to make sure they have the best and most transparent information to help give them a clear view of car before making an investment. Video is a great way to keep car shoppers engaged, provide new perspectives of vehicles, and provide total transparency in the car shopping process.

What Is LESA Video Suite?

The Dealer Video Suite app is a video toolbox for your sales team, bringing your dealership closer to your clients than ever before via personalized videos. It allows you to create and send professional quality videos that does not cost many hours or thousands of dollars.

The Benefits of LESA Video Suite

LESA Video Suite helps the sales team at a car dealership easily create, record and publish videos without having to get video creators and website professionals involved, which can be extremely time consuming and expensive. Additionally, a major benefit of LESA video suite is your sales team doesn’t have to worry about braving the weather or pulling a vehicle from the lot, they can easily search and select a video from the dealer vehicle inventory.

 Not only are the videos easy to create and publish, they offer full customization and personalization capabilities to help attract and retain new and existing customers. Your sales team can handle all video operations as apart of their day to day


  • Helps show car shoppers which cars are available on your lot
  • Confirms to customers the features advertised are consistent with the reality of the vehicle
  • Sets realistic expectations of the condition of the car
  • Helps car shoppers gain new perspectives of the car, aiding in purchasing decisions
  • Establishes trust between the car dealership and the car shopper, providing full transparency of the vehicles
  • Provides motivation for potential customers to make the trip to visit the dealership knowing you have what they are looking for

Types of Videos on LESA Video Suite

Vehicle Walk Around:

The video walk around feature allows sales reps to capture and send personalized full-motion videos to potential customers.  The app easily allows you to video the car of interest in addition to custom branding, custom VoiceOver, background music, and more without ever having to leave the dealership to shoot a video.  Additionally, if the video already exists in the dealerships video inventory, they can easily use and personalize without having to go outside and reshoot.

The picture in picture features allows sales rep to put a recorded video of themselves on vehicle video, allowing the the potential customer to see the car and sales person in one video. This helps remove the pressure and sales tactics of visiting the dealership while providing comfort and ease. If the potential customer wants to visit the dealership, they know exactly what sales person they are looking for from the video. At the end of the day, the customer is mostly interested in seeing the car, but showing the face of the sales person can help establish trust and build relationships.

How It Works: Creating a vehicle walk around video can be completed in three simple steps.

  1. Select: easily select a full-motion video from your library, shoot one with the app camera, or select from your device gallery
  2. Target: Enter the contact information of the video recipient
  3. Send: Send a customizable email or text message to your recipient.

Vehicle Testimonial

The Vehicle Testimonial feature allows you to capture positive customer reviews during the delivery of the vehicle and before they drive off the lot.  The Dealer Video Suite App allows sales reps to shoot positive customer review videos and send them to potential leads or share them on your dealership’s social media channels.

In a competitive environment, reviews are very important. Numerous consumers search for dealership reviews before committing to purchasing a vehicle, to ensure other consumers had a positive experience. LESA video suite uses proprietary SEO video techniques once the testimonial video is uploaded to your car dealership website to ensure your reviews are being found on Google. If a potential customer searches “your dealership name” and “reviews”, the testimonial videos will come up at the top of the first page of Google. Video testimonials are very powerful as they show raw emotion and the real experience of other people. Text is not as influential as a personal video from a happy customer.

Many customers might be reluctant to hop on a video testimonial due to being camera shy, however, even if your car dealership can get video testimonials from 10% of your customers, this has outstanding impact on building trust and boosting SEO for your car dealership.

How It Works: Creating a vehicle testimonial video and distributing to your social media can be completed in three simple steps.

  1. Select: easily select a full-motion video from your library, shoot one with the app camera, or select from your device gallery
  2. Sign Release Form:  Customers must sign a release form for video testimonial to be used
  3. Target: Choose which social media platforms you would like the video to posted to
  4. Send: Push send, and the video will automatically be distributed to the selected social channels.

Promo Videos

Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. The promo videos in the Dealer Video Suite App allows you to easily create promo videos with our app and instantly publish to your dealer website without involving the website provider. 

For example, if your car dealership is running a Labor Day Special, you can create a custom promo video and tailor it to any make or model applicable to show up after the vehicle video on the car dealership website. The app even allows you to select an end date, so the promo video will automatically disappear off your website without having to go in and manually remove. The promo videos are so easy to upload, it removes the need to involve a website provider which can cost extra time and money. Additionally, you don’t have to hire a professional videographer, the promo video can be shot entirely from a cell phone.

How It Works: Creating a promo video and distributing to your dealership website can be completed in three simple steps.

  1. Select: easily select a full-motion video from your library, shoot one with the app camera, or select from your device gallery
  2. Filter: Use custom filters to select when the video should expire, and if it applies to only particular makes/ manufacturers.
  3. Upload: Choose wear to upload your promo video, either to your website, social media platforms or both!

Thank You Videos

Every brand interaction leaves an impression. As a car dealership, you want to end the deal on a warm, fuzzy note to create customers for life. Thank you videos allow you to increase referrals and repeat business by adding a personal touch. It’s a simple and smart solution to increase your dealership revenue.

How It Works: Creating a thank you video and sending to your customer can be completed in three simple steps.

  1. Select: easily select a full-motion video from your library or shoot one with the app camera
  2. Target: Enter the contact information of the video recipient
  3. Send: Send a customizable email or text message to your customer.
The Bottom Line

Your car dealership has a great opportunity to further connect with car shoppers and customers by creating custom videos. Now more than ever, consumers pay attention to video content most and expect to see more video content in the future. LESA video suite technology is easy to implement and doesn’t require much extra effort from your sales team. The technology also can easily integrate with your social media platforms and car dealership website.

How Can My Car Dealership Get Started with Videos?

Incorporating vehicle videos on your car dealership website has never been easier with LESA video technology. LESA is the largest dealer video inventory provider with 100K+ vehicle video views daily on our dealers’ internet destinations — Dealer Sites, YouTube, Facebook, Cars.com, AutoTrader and more. Their video inventory, video suite and other video apps have been proven to increase traffic and conversions to car dealership websites. If you are looking to grow your business, look no further, LESA technology is right for you.

Interested in learning more about LESA Video Technology for Car Dealerships? Get Started and talk to a representative today!