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LESA November 2013 Newsletter

November 2013 Newsletter

What You’ll See in This Newsletter:

Getting the Most Out of Video Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to let potential customers know how great your dealership is and what kind of excellent service they can expect when they visit. Video testimonials are a relatively new twist on this business tool, so asking for and executing one doesn’t always come naturally to us. Here are some tip to guide you and your sales team through this process:

The Ask

1. Make Asking Part of the Sales Process
You want to keep your pool of testimonials as fresh and plentiful as possible. Not every customer, of course, is going to want to do one, but if you make asking for one part of the sale-closing routine, you may be surprised by the number of willing participant you’ll run across.

2. Offer Incentives to Your Sales Team
It can be nerve-wracking asking for and shooting testimonials, and your sales team might be reluctant to do so. Why not make it work their while? Offer them some sort of extra motivation such as a cash incentive or a contest to keep the videos rolling in.

3. Ask When the Customer is “Up”
Buying a car is exciting and your customers are usually feeling pretty good by the time they’re ready to drive away. This is the perfect opportunity to ask them for a favor! They’re smiling, and, more importantly, they have the sales experience is fresh in their minds.

4. Customers Like Incentives Too!
If it’s in your budget, it could be a good idea to offer the customer a little something extra as well. Sometimes the allure of a free oil change is enough to get them camera ready.

The Shoot

1. Sound Check
Choose a quiet place like an office with a shut door to conduct your testimonials. Although it may seem like a good idea to shoot outdoors in the sunlight, the ambient noise from the road and wind can be loud and distracting. As an added bonus, your customer might feel less self-conscious and might be more animated on camera.

2. Let there be Light
Make sure your subject is properly lit. Backlit customers (standing in front of a window, for instance) make for dark testimonials, so be sure to point them towards a light source when shooting.

3. Keep it Steady
If you don’t use a tripod while shooting (which, in all likelihood, you won’t) videos can get a little Blair witchy. One way you can steady your image without hassling with equipment is to use your own body as a tripod. By hold your filming device firmly while keeping your elbows in and close to your torso, you prevent any extraneous movement from occurring.

4. Hablas Español?
If your customer speaks Spanish, ask them if they’ll speak it in their testimonial. Over 35 million people countrywide primarily speak the language so it’s important to let those customers who aren’t familiar with English know they are welcome at your dealership.

5. Soothe Their Nerves
For some, the prospect of talking on camera can be a little overwhelming. Be casual about it! If you find yourselves in a quiet place in good light, take that opportunity to ask them if they’d like to be filmed rather than dragging them all over the dealership trying to find a suitable filming location. If they have too much time to think about it, their nerves might keep them from giving the best testimonial they can.


Video is King!

And we have to data to prove it! ComScore, a forerunner in internet analytics, released their most recent statistics on internet video usage. They showed that 189 million Americans watched 49.1 billion online content videos in October and viewed 24.5 billion ads. That’s in a single month! Here are the numbers broken down:


Are you a Hybrid Vehicle Dealer?

If so, this recent study conducted by Google is for you. Your potential hybrid vehicle customers are hungry for video when they start their car searches, so make sure to get as many of these types of video uploaded as possible.


Google Results Spotlight

Here are a couple examples of first page, full-motion video results for our clients. Click the picture to see actual Google searches!

Search Query: “BMW x3 Seaside”

Search Query: “Ford Focus Fresno”

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