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LESA October 2013 Newsletter


Learn about how to contact us at the Digital Dealer conference, what the Google algorithm changes mean for you, and more!
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Digital Dealer Conference

As many of you might know, the 15th Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas is just around the corner! Of course the LESA team will be in attendance and will be staying on site at the beautiful Mirage hotel. We’d love to meet with you, so if you or other members of your organization are interested in getting together, please contact Phil Ly at phil@liveeventstream.com or give him a call at 860-681-5414. Hope to see you there!

Dealership Success

Video Testimonial App

In this and select future editions of this newsletter, LESA will spotlight two dealerships who are fully taking advantage of and have found success with our products. This month we are focusing on the video testimonial app and how the people at Capital Cadillac and North Park Mazda have gotten the most out of it.

Capital Cadillac
Location: Syrna, Georgia

What’s Good about them: Their videos not only have a place on their YouTube channel, they also have a designated and prominent place on their dealership website. Naturally, testimonials appear on Google’s first pages when “dealership name” and “reviews” are paired in a search query, but the convenient location of the videos of Capital Cadillac’s website allow for ease of access to customers who made it to the website a different way. Collectively, their 11 videos have an astounding total of 683 views, and that’s just over the past few months. Capital Cadillac also actively maintains their Facebook page and has a healthy 742 member group of followers who are exposed to their testimonials via the dealership timeline.

North Park Mazda
Location: San Antonio, Texas

What’s Good About Them:
They are consistent with their upload frequency (usually updating every few weeks or so) and have a relatively wide variety of testimonials to choose from. They also have an impressive number of views considering the short amount of time (just a few months!) they’ve been using the product: 519! This is due to the fact that, like the people at Capital Cadillac, they have an easy to find place for their videos on their website and cultivate a relationship with their customers on social media sites.


SEO is Not Dead:
What the Changes at Google Mean for You


In recent weeks, it has been revealed that the folks at Google have quietly introduced Hummingbird, a new search algorithm and the biggest change to the search engine in the past 10 years. It differs from its former iterations in quite a few ways (all of which you can read about here) but the most fuss is being made over percieved changes made to SEO. There has been a lot hand-wringing over the idea that Hummingbird’s introduction is the death of SEO all together, but this simply isn’t so. What Hummingbird does in regard to SEO is penalize sites that try to “trick” google bots into ranking them higher on search pages (done by using black-hat techniques such as keyword stuffing, hidden text, sneaky re-directs, etc), and reward sites who boost their content organically by cultivating relevant, original, and high-quality content.
We at LESA use only white-hat SEO methods and fall into the second category of content providers whose search results will either be unaffected or improved by the changes at google. Furthermore, Google still ranks video content higher than regular text-based content, so your first page-ranked inventory and testimonial videos continue to hold on to their top spots.


…The New Android App!

We are proud to announce the introduction of the video inventory app to the Android Marketplace. We understand that choice is a good thing! Whether your dealership prefers to use apple products, windows devices paired with cameras, or android, LESA has a way for you to access and easily use our video inventory app. Whether you prefer to shoot video on your own or decide to use a lot service provider, we can handle any system you or your affiliated teams choose to work with. Come find us in the Google play or App Store!

Get in Touch!
We’d love to hear from you! Please contact phil@liveeventstream.com with any questions or comments. Also, look us up on facebook and twitter and, while you’re at it, take a look at our website!

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